What is Magic?

Have you ever had an awakening? Have you ever deeply considered the meaning of life, and how you fit into the cosmic puzzle? Meet Tessa, a 28-year old dreamer (with a history of supernatural experiences), who moves across the country on a journey to discover the answer to these questions. What she found could reshape life as we know it. In conjunction with her decision to write a book about reconciling and integrating her spiritual belief systems, she suddenly trips headfirst into a rabbit hole of unexplainable events. A myriad of new insights floods her existence, catalyzing a huge shift in consciousness that changes her forever. Join Tessa as she unravels the secrets of the universe and attempts to uncover the reality of magic that lies beneath the surface. In doing so, you could experience your own awakening, one that leads to a more fulfilling, engaging, and inspiring life. “All Around Us Are Pieces of The Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.”


Niche Hacking: How to Build a Brand That Resonates

Hi everyone, my name is Teresa Yanaros, and I build brands that resonate. Not only have I successfully launched and grown multiple brands, including a YouTube channel that has grown to 20K subscribers, I've also helped hundreds of clients launch and sustain businesses across multiple professional industries. You are about to learn the secret to growing your YouTube channel FAST. 


I have a degree in journalism, and a background in teaching and corporate training. I exited the matrix in 2015 after my spiritual awakening, quit my job, moved across the country to learn more about the deep nature of our supernatural world, and started sharing spiritually motivational content through my YouTube channel, Divine Frequency. Since then I have published a book and traveled across America giving workshops about personal empowerment, gone through spiritual highs and dark nights of the soul, and come out on the other end with even more to share. I am not a GURU, I am LIKE YOU. And I have a passion for empowerment.

You are about to receive your FREE copy of the exclusive "Focus Your Frequency" Essential Guide. I share with you some of the deepest foundational truths that I found to be exTREMEly helpful during my spiritual awakening, and crucial to tapping into your unique soul purpose.



How to Be A Boss and Beat Online Echo Chambers

"The internet provides insurmountable opportunities for people with a vast array of life experiences and perspectives to connect and share ideas. We've watched the unfolding of a user-generated digital environment where individuals from all over the world can hit record on a camera and start video channels that look just like what we see on television. Anyone can register a domain name and start a blog site to publish original content. With the rise of the ability for media to go viral instantaneously, social media has changed the world."


The Lone Wolf of Paranoid Conspiracy Media

"Information traps exist, especially within online communities. Fear is painfully present almost everywhere you look, within "new conspiracist" circles and traditional media alike. The power is in transcending the duality of the battle and opening the heart to accept all that is.


Polarity is inherent in media as people present and compare perspectives. When assessing data, it's imperative to be able to analyze and synthesize, learn, and grow. In some cases and within some circles of information, these are actually black hole funnels into deleterious ways of thinking and perceiving reality. 

Quantum Physics Explained in Under 12 Minutes

In this docuseries, we break down the definitions of quantum physics, quantum theory, the quantum realm, and quantum mechanics. Here, you’ll see quantum physics explained, along with the double-slit experiment. Learn about double-slit interference, history of quantum mechanics, history of quantum physics, Thomas Young, and the Thomas Young double-slit experiment, as well as JJ Thomson and the JJ Thomson experiment.

What Does Quantum Entanglement Teach Us About The Nature of Reality?

Did you know that you have a quantum soul? Learn about entanglement theory and exactly how universal law functions within quantum mechanics. Wave-particle theory has huge implications on the understanding of the field of infinite possibilities. Dive into the spiritual revelations behind the double-slit experiment. Brought to you by Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency.

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